Who We Are

We know you’re busy building your business, and the last thing you want to do is worry about staying relevant and consistent on social media.

At Fresh + Fit, we provide original content marketing and social media management for business owners like you, every day. We happily write your blogs and manage your socials, so you don’t have to!

The best part? To protect the privacy of our clients, we provide white label service. (We don’t kiss and tell.)

Today’s marketing and advertising is very different from yesterday’s, and is continuing to grow and evolve at lightning speed. At Fresh + Fit, we develop online strategies and corresponding campaigns to help YOUR business succeed in the current communication landscape.

Content Marketing + Social Media Marketing

  • Expand Your Brand

    Actively ensure that your brand is visible online through strategic social media, unique content curation, engaging campaigns, and a variety of digital marketing strategies. We want to help you succeed, and we know how to accomplish this.

    We’ll use personalized media and original content to make your brand stand out—because your brand is different, and your online community should know that.

  • Share Your Story

    Your business has a unique story to tell, and people are waiting to hear it. We’ll not only help you control the narrative, but also leverage social media, content marketing, and inbound leads to bring your relevant stories to life.

    People want to hear about what makes your brand different; not that you are exactly like everyone else. We can help you discover what makes your business better—and then we’ll campaign around that.

  • Create an Online Community

    Creating an online community helps potential and current customers find you, and also helps to develop a relationship with your brand. These types of communities can serve as focus groups for marketing and product ideas, providing invaluable information that will help your business grow to meet your community’s wants and needs.

    Fresh + Fit can accomplish building your successful community by growing your social presence and writing fresh, dynamic content for your website—this signals to Google that your brand is both relevant and credible.

Become the Benchmark

Interact with your entire community of customers, clients, and everyone else who may be interested in what your brand has to offer. It’s not enough to create social media accounts and let them sit there—we’ll ensure your company is part of the conversation and has a voice in important online discussions. This will build brand trust, and people like to buy from and work with brands they trust.

Get Social

Social media has completely changed the world of marketing. If used poorly, it gives you a little bit of visibility. If used correctly, it can significantly increase brand awareness and help build an exciting community of people looking for exactly what your business has to offer. Let us manage your social media, so you can concentrate on building your business.

Together, we’ll make a fresh fit.

Have Fun

Throwing an event? Fresh + Fit is experienced at managing the following aspects of Vancouver-based wellness events: managing the invites, guest and media lists and ticket sales, designing quality and mindful creative for digital and print promotion, facilitating collaborations with other community-aligned wellness businesses, posting event details on various, popular, online publications, and providing on-site support and assistance before, during and after the event.

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