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Your Vancouver Social Media Manager Needs to Be a Great Writer

A Great Vancouver Social Media Manager Coming up with clever ways to convey messages in 140 characters or less while accompanied with really great images doesn’t seem overly difficult. But if you want people to take a genuine interest in what you’re putting out there, the message needs to be creative and unique. Content marketing […]

Ernest Hemingway Used a Standing Desk

Let’s face it: desk jobs are hard on your body. Sitting all day has extensive negative ramifications on your back, spine, shoulders, and neck. But that’s not it. Here’s how sitting all day can affect your body and compromise your health, and why a standing desk might be the best solution: You Gain Weight Sitting […]

The New Hottest Space to Cowork in Vancouver

Coworking (sometimes called work sharing, although there’s another meaning to that phrase) is a great solution for freelancers who don’t like to work at home 24/7. While Vancouver is home to many popular cowork spaces, a new and attractive venue has just recently come to our attention, and we think it deserves some kudos. City Side […]

Hiring a Social Media Manager: 4 Things to Consider

More and more businesses are realizing that social media should be part of their marketing plan. After all, the platform is free, and the reach is huge. Social media involvement gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their brand in a fun, engaging, community-oriented way, and the most convenient way for most businesses to effectively participate digitally, is […]

Your Clients are Searching for These 5 Things

The Big 5 is something we first heard about from Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion. His new video, which is at the end of this blog, explains why YOUR business might be missing the mark when it comes to content creation and subsequently, consumer interest. When a potential client or customer makes a Google search, […]