Your Clients are Searching for These 5 Things

The Big 5 is something we first heard about from Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion. His new video, which is at the end of this blog, explains why YOUR business might be missing the mark when it comes to content creation and subsequently, consumer interest.

When a potential client or customer makes a Google search, what is he or she looking for? Apparently, these people are usually looking for the following 5 things, and if you don’t have them available on your website, you’re missing out on potentially lucrative sales:


What’s the cost of doing business with you? What do charge for your services? The question of cost is the number one search that your potential clients initiates. If your website doesn’t provide the answer, your business might be bumped for one that makes this information readily available.

If your website doesn’t openly discuss cost, we recommend changing that.

Problems/Issues with What You’re Selling

Another frequent search item has to do with possible problems with what you’re business is selling. Be honest here—if your business sells a product that isn’t for everyone, then address that. If there’s an ideal customer that just loves your type of services, make that clear.

This will help your business, not hinder it.


How do you compare to your competition? Try to be unbiased here—what do you do better than other businesses, and what do you specialize in? Similarly, what do you feel your business might not do as well as others? This type of content gets searched a lot, and if you talk about it on your website, your business will pop up on Google searches.

Also, keep in mind that people buy from brands they trust. If you’re open and honest about your strengths and weaknesses within the market, your business will be trusted, and it’s more likely you’ll benefit from referrals.


Reviews are huge. When people shop or do research online, reviews help immensely. If your website does not post reviews by you on other similar businesses, or reviews by clients who’ve used and enjoyed your business, search engines will bypass your website for those that do have them.

It’s that simple. Reviews sell people on your product faster.


“What is the best…?” This search is incredibly popular. If you can predict which questions possible clients may be searching, then you can answer them on your website and rank higher on Google when those searches are launched.

So there you have it. The Big 5: the most popular searches that your potential clients and customers are making that you have the opportunity to answer by formulating the right content for your website. Do it, and reap the rewards.

Video here:

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