marketing for holidays
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Tips for Holiday Marketing Events

Happy holidays! Can you believe the 2017 holiday marketing season…
Use Pinterest
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How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Wellness Business

Ah, Pinterest. The almost forgotten, old-school-back-in-the-early-Facebook-days…
Juice Bar Small Business
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A Basic Social Media Guide for Your Small Business

Because it’s all about the basics. Right? You need to start…
Social Media Strategy
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Social Media Strategy for Beginners

If you own a small business, you’re probably making use of…
creating great content
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Creating Great Content in 5 Simple Steps

When it comes to creating great content, what determines a successful…
spring marketing campaigns
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5 Fresh Ideas for Spring Marketing Campaigns

Guys! (And girls!) It’s mid-February, the snow is almost melted,…
digital marketing efforts
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5 Ways to Streamline Your Digital Marketing Practices

Let’s face it: marketing ain’t what it used to be. With digital…
5 minute meditation
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How the 5 Minute Meditation Can Help Your Vancouver Wellness Business

According to Elba Mueller, a Certified Primordial Sound Meditation…
web traffic
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How to Increase Web Traffic Via Better Content

Content is king. Video is king. A picture is worth a thousand…
Dog and woman in Vancouver
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Social Media Tips for Vancouver Health and Wellness Professionals

If you’re the owner of a Vancouver health and wellness business,…
Digital Marketing Campaign
woman with grapefruit
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Healthy Vancouver Businesses Provide Better Workplace Morale

At Fresh + Fit, we choose to only work with local businesses…
Vancouver business
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What to Consider When Hiring a Vancouver Publicist or PR Agency

Long before Fresh + Fit even existed, I experienced my own trials…
relationships matter

What Your Vancouver Business Needs to Succeed

What Your Vancouver Business Needs to Succeed Everyone who starts…
social media manager
standing desk
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Ernest Hemingway Used a Standing Desk

Let’s face it: desk jobs are hard on your body. Sitting all…
Image of space from the street

The New Hottest Space to Cowork in Vancouver

Coworking (sometimes called work sharing, although there's another…
a couple sitting on a couch

5 Ways to Make More Time for Your Family During the Workweek

We all do it. We all want it all, but what does that even…
Promoting plant-based business
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Marketing + Developing a Plant-Based Business

On Thursday March 24th, Jennifer Browne (director of Fresh +…

Hiring a Social Media Manager: 4 Things to Consider

More and more businesses are realizing that social media should…

Your Clients are Searching for These 5 Things

The Big 5 is something we first heard about from Marcus Sheridan,…