The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Nailed this Fall

Looking for trendy fall nails? While it’s totally cool to be a nail polish junkie, it’s even cooler to know which ones are friendly and which ones have the potential to cause harm to your body. There is a massive variety of nail products on the market today, and some brands contain some pretty messed up ingredients ranging from generally toxic, to being full-blown endocrine disruptors.

Eek! Don’t be uninformed!

In researching green polishes for the season (that are ironically not at all green in hue), we’ve come up with a list of 5 clean colours for fall, and one of them happens to be on this chick’s fingernails (and toenails!) right now. Wanna guess which one?


Now, we know that a matte finish is in right now, but we’re still mega fans of the glossy look. Glossy, black nails look hot. They call you out for being edgy, sexy, and fun. One of our fave brands to create a kick-ass black polish is Zoya:

“Zoya nail polish revolutionized the nail industry when it began making long-lasting, toxin-free polish. Eliminating toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and DBP from its polishes.”

Check out Raven by Zoya.




But not just any purple. Plum. (That’s right.) Plum nails are funky, but mature. An amazing luxury brand to make a fab plum hue is LVX. They have an incredible line of 5-free, vegan, cruelty-free products that retail online for about $15 per bottle.

Try Vamp by LVX.




Like, blood red. Deep, sexy, classic red. This traditional nail colour goes well with almost anything, and looks fab on anyone aged 16-96. Even the chicest ‘green-ista’ will be impressed with the hues of RGB. RGB is 5-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Try Cognac by RGB.

RGB Cognac



Stormy, edgy, and very fall/winter. One of the coolest eco-friendly cosmetic brands out there is Suncoat, which has been producing water-based, chemical-free polish since 2001. Even more awesome? Their newer ‘peelable’ line, which as the name suggests, one can simply peel off their nails instead of using harmful acetone to remove the colour.

Check out Urban Chic by Suncoat.




Yep. You love it, right? Traditional pink is too pink, but blush? It’s hot. And it’s screams Forever 21, even if you wish you were forever 41. Anyone can pull this hue off, and it’s about to be you. A great brand to create a sweet, “eco-chic” blush is Sheswai:

“Sheswai uses sustainably harvested wood as an alternative to the typical plastic cap. No products are tested on animals and a portion of the profits are donated to organizations dedicated to sustainability, such as the Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Foundation.”

Try So Pretty by Sheswai:

So Pretty


These aren’t the only amazing brands to produce healthier polish; there are many 5-free polish brands that deliver a great polish without the nasty chemicals found in conventional polish. (Such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin.) For a complete list of great (and not-so-fab) polish brands, check out the Environmental Working Group’s website HERE.(Our Honorary mention? Piggy Paint, a full nail polish line for children. Really.)

Now go get nailed. (And be clean!)

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Vancouver Fashion Week

Fashion Week. Need we say more?

From September 28th to October 4th, fashion reigns in Vancouver, BC. Taking place downtown at 50 East Pender Street, this spring/summer 2016 fashion event is not to be missed if you have anything to do with style in VanCity.

With over 81 designers showcasing their most inspiring and clever creations, Vancouver Fashion Week‘s spin-off events include nightly after-parties that one must be over the age of 19 to attend.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2008

Photo by kris krug

“For 25 seasons, Vancouver Fashion Week has produced a runway that celebrates multiculturalism and emerging talent. We strive to identify undiscovered designers by providing an accessible and widely reputable platform. Through international media coverage and cogent buyer connectivity, VFW has provided the exposure to project designers into the next stages of success.”-

While there are other events to get excited about when it comes to fashion, Fashion Week is always an industry favourite. A sensory treat for the fashion world, the event is full of excitement, lights, cameras, and action–not to mention the reason everyone is drawn to it: the clothing that can only be described as ‘art couture.’

Interested in attending? Prices range from $40 (to attend two consecutive runway shows) to $350 (for a full week pass).Ticket information can be found HERE.

See below for an interview with one of this season’s featured, local designers, representing Grandi’s Atelier.


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Which Hair Extensions are Right For YOU?

By Jennifer Browne

When it comes to hair extensions (just like lash extensions), there are so many different options and choices that a girl could be driven crazy.

(We may have had some experience, here.)

The two major types of hair extensions; synthetic hair, and human hair:



The main perk of synthetic extensions is lower cost. But there are several downsides, including limited styling options (synthetic hair doesn’t usually do very well with friction and heat from blow dryers and curling irons), life (synthetic extensions don’t typically last very long), and a somewhat artificial appearance.

It’s much harder to match your real hair with hair that doesn’t share the same chemical makeup, such as keratin.

Human Hair

“The selling of human hair for weaves, wigs, and other hair styling products is an industry that generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually and is growing as a large export economy in some Asian regions, such as India, at a rate of 10-30 percent annually. In India, a large portion of the hair is sourced from Hindu temples where hair is donated for religious practices, particularly in honor of the Hindu God Vishnu. This hair is highly sought out for its ‘virgin’, untreated qualities, as well as its great length. From there the hair is cleaned and the color is removed before being re-dyed for international style tastes.” Reference HERE.

There are many perks to human hair extensions, including the fact that they last longer, blend more easily with your real hair, and can withstand heat from styling tools. You can also use product in human hair extensions, such as mousse or gel, and simply wash the extensions carefully as you would your own hair.

The downside? Human hair costs more than the synthetic version, and it’s easy to understand why: often, people have sold their hair in order to gift you with longer, thicker locks, and for manufacturers to make a little coin on their product, they need to charge the consumer more. The cost you pay for natural, human hair is reflective of that.

One of the things you have to take into consideration when purchasing natural hair extensions, is what type of hair it is. Take it from us: thick and gorgeous middle-eastern hair is not going to look right on the average Caucasian chick, and vice-versa.

Bottom line? Make sure you take the hair’s ethnic origin into consideration before paying a pretty penny and attempting to create a natural look that looks anything but.

Other choices involve the ways the extensions are actually attached to your own hair. These include:


Tape extensions are exactly what they sounds like: strips of hair, secured to your own hair with tape. Although it sounds odd, these are actually our favorite type of extensions. They’re easy to put in and take out, and last for around 6-8 weeks before they need replacement or adjusting.

The only major downside to these that we can attest to, is that it’s impossible to put your hair up—the tape becomes visible. These extensions are really only good for those who wear their hair long or perhaps in a low ponytail.

No ballerina buns—sorry, ladies.



A weave consists of creating tiny vertical braids, in rows, placed in carefully designated areas. The braided hair is then sewn down with thread, and then the extensions are sewn onto the braids. A weave can consist of only a few tracks, or the whole head can be braided for a full head weave.

With a full weave, the braids are sewn down or covered with a net, and extensions are then sewn to the braids.

These extensions can be great, because although they can take around 3 hours to have them initially sewn in, they’ll actually stay there and you can forget about everyday tweaking and hassle. The downside, is that the tightness caused by the braids and thread can contribute to scalp irritation. One can also experience hair loss, called traction alopecia, behind the ears and on the hairline.

Famous weave-lovers include Brittney Spears, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Tyra Banks, Selena Gomez, Nicole Richie, and Katy Perry.


These types of extensions are cool, because you can literally clip them in and take them out in mere minutes. Don’t want them to accompany you to the beach? That’s cool. Want them in later that night for a dinner date? Why not?!

These suckers are easy-peasy.

The negative take on clip-ins? In our own personal experience, when you’re clipping them in and out all the time, they pull your own hair out at your scalp, resulting in visible hair loss over time, especially if they’re heavy.

(And if you don’t have a ton of hair to begin with.)

Where to Go

Blonde Hair

There are many salons throughout the Vancouver area that will help you fulfill your hair dreams, including the following:


It’s important that if you are considering extensions, you take the time to consider which type are right for you. Take budget, practicality, and style into consideration. Ask yourself what you can afford, how much maintenance you’re willing to put up with, where you’ll be wearing them, and if it’s possible for you to adjust them yourself. Also think about whether you wear your hair up a lot, or if you like to leave your hair long and strong.

When you do bite the bullet and drop some cash for your lusted-after locks (which can range anywhere from $100-$1000), arming yourself with relevant information and making a logical decision based on it, will really help you.

Now go get gorgeous!


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Your ‘I Do’ Updo

Or down-do. Whatever.

The point is, this season’s wedding hairstyles are all about femininity and ease. The following images were borrowed from Glamour Magazine, and highlight the trend we see happening in summer 2015 wedding hair. Whether they’re styled on brides or bridesmaids, the following looks below fall anywhere from structured to deconstructed, and every single one is beautiful and right on trend.

You ready? Of course you are.


The Soft Bottom Knot

Bridal Hair

This soft and gorgeous knotted look is a sweet and sexy twist on a more traditional bun. The style is perfect for medium to long hair, and works well with fine or thin hair, too.


The Structured Ballerina Knot

Glamour Hair

This beautifully woven look provides a more classic bridal updo look, while preserving some originality within the bun itself. The structure of the bun promises no flyaways or maintenance needed throughout your magical night.


The Boho Braided Updo

Bride Hair

This gorgeous look is the bohemian bride‘s dream updo. Although she may go long and strong for her wedding day, any style with this amount of femininity and whimsy will leave her (and hopefully her partner!) breathless.


The Long and Soft Look

Bride Hair

For those who love to wear their hair long and see no reason to change their ways on their wedding day, this look’s for you. It’s soft and feminine, but has a definite style to it.


The Perfect Pixie

Bride Hair

If you have short hair, and fabulous bone structure, this style is calling your name. Lovely and romantic, the pulled-together look is left looking feminine with just the right amount of groom.

Get it?

Happy wedding season!

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5 Things to Know about Eyelash Extensions

Whether you’re new to this trendy beauty procedure or an experienced lash extended diva, we’ve unearthed a few great facts and tips about eyelash extensions that anyone should read up on.

Check them out:

1. There are 3 types of eyelash extensions.

Yep—synthetic, silk and mink. They also come in different sizes, varying from around 6mm to 17mm. Once you choose what you want, the lashes are professionally applied one at a time, using special semi-permanent lash glue. The idea behind the glue is that is won’t damage your natural lashes, or cause irritation on your lids. Don’t worry—if you have sensitive skin, there’s a kinder glue for you. The downside? It sometimes doesn’t work as well.

2. The length + thickness should mimic your natural lashes.

MOSCOW - JUNE,5: Singer KATY PERRY. Press Conference Muz-TV Award 2009 at Olimpiisky Stadium. June 5, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

This is to ensure that your own lashes remain healthy. For example, if your natural lashes are on the shorter, skinny side, you won’t be able to obtain that dramatic Katy Perry look, because they won’t last very long. It’s recommended to start out with a half set (around 50% of your top lashes) if you aren’t sure, or if you’re a lash extension virgin. Remember: it’s much simpler to add more lashes than it is to remove them!

3. Applying a full set of lashes takes about 2 hours.

If you’re careful with them, it’s possible to keep them for up a year, but they DO require maintenance and touch-ups. Just like artificial nails, upkeep is required around once a month.

4. Lash glue may contain formaldehyde.

Glues that are shipped across continents can contain formaldehyde by the time they reach their destination. Ask your lash specialist how fresh the glue is, and if you want to be super diligent about how the glue may affect your skin, ask her (or him!) to apply a tiny bit to the inside of you wrist the day before your appointment.

5. Watery eyes can be indicative of a reaction.

If you begin tearing up during the application, or experience any burning or discomfort, that’s a huge red flag and you should definitely speak up–your technician may need to change the glue.

While we’re on the topic…

It’s important to understand the difference between an allergic reaction and an infection. An experienced and licensed lash technician would never let an infection occur, but if you’re straight-up allergic to the glue, you’re still going to be allergic, and it doesn’t mean the glue is inherently harmful.

Bottom line:

Getting lash extensions should be a completely fun and pain-free experience, and the results should be loved. If you live in the Fraser Valley and are thinking about trying lash extensions, talk to Kristina of Fusion Hair Design in Abbotsford.

If you’re in Vancouver, try Yaletown’s Lash Lab, Gastown’s Joanna Keller BeautiqueNoir Lash Lounge in Yaletown, or downtown’s Mink Lash Boutique. All come highly recommended by BCLiving.

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Trending Summer Hair for 2015

It might seem impossible to keep up with the lightning-fast hair trends of late, but in reality, it’s anything but. Styles may change swiftly, but Fusion Hair Design is ready for you—because that’s what fusion is all about: adapting to ever-changing trends, and fusing them to match individual style and preference. To celebrate our #FusionSummerMakeover event, we want to hook you up with some current trend info.

Here are 3 categorized hair trends you’ll see this summer:

Colour: 50 Shades of Grey

Grey hair trend

No, really—there are like, 50 shades of grey that the hair world is currently playing around with. Grey is the new green, and we’re seeing a movement away from hombre and pastels, and into this super trendy hueless tone.

Not just for mature beauties, the grey trend is amazing for so many reasons:

  • If you are grey, or beginning to show greys, this colour trend was made for you!
  • It takes the stigma out of grey = old.
  • It allows for a more neutral hue that those uncomfortable with bolder colours may enjoy.

Cuts: Bobs + Lobs + Bangs

Bob Hairstyle

The incredible influx of shorter women’s styles is encouraging!


Celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Freida Pinto, and Rose Byrne have taken the bob to a whole other level of awesomeness. Each woman has a distinct and personal twist on the classic look, but a bob’s a bob, and we’d be more than happy to show you how to rock one.


Sophie Bush’s current lob is a great example of how to grow your hair out right. The choppy, casual feel is very summeresque, and we love the appearance of low-maintenance.


Bangs have evolved this summer to be whatever you want them to be. Whether you wear them long (like Suki Waterhouse), side-swept (like Michelle Williams), or blunt (like Katie Holmes), bangs are back, and in a big way.

Style: Long, Medium, + Short

Half and half hair

Here are our top 15 faves for summer 2015:

Long Hair

  1. Valentino’s half-up, half-down goddess
  2. The boho babe messy braided look
  3. The low and long ponytail
  4. The messy, twisted beach bun
  5. Long, beachy waves

Medium-Length Hair

  1. The asymmetrical bob
  2. 1920’s flapper style
  3. The straight and angled bob
  4. The beachy waves
  5. Messy, choppy, just-out-of-bed look

Short Hair

  1. Shaved sides with long bangs (Rhianna)
  2. The pixie style
  3. Chic and boyish look
  4. Edgy with undercut
  5. Fashionable short with layered curls

Want a new look, but down and out in the fun funds department? Enter our draw to win a free summer makeover worth $1000! Here are the details:


June 15 – September 15


Enter to win a $1000 Fusion makeover, including haircut + colour, makeup application, and photoshoot


  • Visit Fusion this summer—come say hi!
  • Purchase any product or service
  • Post a pic on your social media platform(s) using hashtag
  • One entry per purchase

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Boho 2 Chic: Free People Vancouver

I still remember sitting at a light on Vancouver‘s bustling Granville Street, about to cross the bridge into downtown, looking over to my left, and seeing the new Free People boutique. Officially opening its doors last fall, Free People Vancouver became the very first location to launch its awesomeness in BC, and I for one, was stoked.

FP Granville

To say I was excited would have been a massive understatement. After heading to Instagram to post a pic of the Coming Soon sign (obviously), I began a countdown.

Like a real one…on my calendar.

I’ve been a Free People fan for years, but had always purchased online. Now I don’t have to, and you don’t, either! If you’ve never heard of this awesome boutique-style clothing store, get ready for a treat. Whatever you style may be, Free People has something for you.

Check it out:

The Boho Babe

 FP Clothes

This look is what they’re known for, and this is what I’m generally looking for when I shop here. They help you channel you inner 70’s soul, but with modern updates. I’ve never received so many compliments about what I’m wearing, than when I’m wearing Free People.

The pieces are ultra-feminine, flowy, sexy, and the epitome of bohemian style. They’re well-designed, and well-made. (They are NOT flimsy, ill-fitting, wear-twice-and-they’re-done kind of pieces.)

Highly recommend.

The Active Girl

 FP Move clothing

This winter, Free People unveiled their new active line–Free People Movement Collection. In keeping true to the Free People look, these pieces are comfortable, sexy, and functional.

The Couture Cutie

 Couture FP

If you’re looking for original pieces that fit like a glove, Free People should truly be your go-to. With the help of their amazing online customer reviews, I’ve managed to order clothing that fits like it was absolutely made for my body, alone. With a shop now open on Granville, think of the possibilities!

The Laid-Back Trendsetter

 FP Loungewear

Free People gives a whole new meaning to lounge wear. Their gorgeous clothing is not only ultra-comfy, but stylin’ and interesting, too. Who cares if no one sees you laying around in your cheeky bottoms and transparent eyelit shawl?

You know you look great.

If you’re an online shopper on a budget, shop sale. It’s where I do 100% of my online purchases with Free People.


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*All images on this blog post belong to Free People, and were taken from HERE.


Fashion Events, Vancouver-Style

With the warmer weather setting in, our boots and coats have gone to live in storage for a few months, and our sights are set on summer wardrobe finds. Breaking out last year’s summer style is fun, but paying attention to what’s new and improved this year is even better.

If you’re feeling like you’d like to be on your toes when it comes to fashion in Vancouver, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a buyer or a trend-setting fashion lover, we’ve got your back; check out the following events that just might inspire your new summer look(s)—there’s something for everyone:

Vancouver Fashion Week: Sept. 22-28 2015

Yep—we’re bringing out the big guns. For over 20 years, Vancouver Fashion Week has been a much-loved and looked-forward-to event. Striving to deliver a stylish experience that celebrates both multiculturalism and diversity, VFW beckons Canadian and International designers from all over the globe. VFW is definitely the West Coast’s most prestigious industry event, internationally acclaimed and recognized as a perfect platform for both new and seasoned designers, as well as sponsors.

“Past participants have included designers such as Versace, Parasuco, Roca Wear, Ecko, Anna Sui, Lauren Sui, Lauren Vidal, Turnover, Paul Hardy, Kersh and up-and-comers such as Frost Sportiva. VFW continues to build its international presence through global media coverage and proves excellent exposure for supporting partners.”

If you love fashion, you’ll want to be here. For a chance to win entry to the event, text VFW to 778-800-1388. Visit for more details.

Good luck, and check out the video below if you feel the need to ramp up your excitement. (As if…)

FX Fashion Exchange Vancouver, 2 Dates

Better + Designer Men’s and Ladies Wear August 5-9, 2015

Moderate Ladies Wears + Jeans/Street Wear Sept. 17-14, 2015

Taking place just outside of downtown Vancouver, the FX Fashion Exchange boasts a huge venue, and hosts more than 700 of the most current brands and looks. With a massive selection of show-stopping merchandise, easy access, and a fabulous facility, it’s no surprise that the FX Fashion Exchange is fast becoming the “it” fashion marketplace.

Show themes are specifically designed to help you focus your buying trip on what your customers really want, as well as help you discover the newest, most exciting and emerging trends.

If you’re a buyer, you need to check it out. But don’t limit yourself while you work—have fun while you do your job! Vancouver is its own unique playground, and subsequently offers an incredible variety of gorgeous restaurants, theaters, retail shopping, and interesting night-life–you won’t be bored!

Come check us out! Visit for more details.


Spring Yaletown Fashion Show featuring Blushing Boutique

This event is tonight! May 13, 2015

Taking place at 7pm at the Rosedale Hotel on Robson, this event is a Fundraising Fashion Show presented by the Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown. This year, the event is featuring Shelley Klassen of Vancouver’s own Blushing Boutique! Come check out an evening of fashion and fun and help support a variety of community projects. There will be canapés, a silent auction, door prizes, and (of course) a cash bar.

Tickets start at $35.00 each. Visit for more information.