Get Your Glow On with 3 Local Skincare Lines

‘Glow’ has recently become one of my favourite words. It implies health, vigour, youthfulness, and care. Pregnant women glow because they’re taking care of themselves and their growing bambinos. After a workout, your skin glows because you’ve been sweating and all that fabulously circulated blood tints your cheeks. For the same reason (plus one big extra), there’s the after-sex glow. And the suntan glow!

So many glows…I’m telling you—to glow is something to strive for.

Another way to get your glow on, is to invest in really amazing beauty products. If you truly want healthy skin (not just healthy-looking—actually healthy), you need to exercise, eat good food, and use honest products on your face.

We’ve sourced out some locally-produced, gorgeously honest beauty products for you to try, Vancouver. Check these out, and glow all summer long:

Twine Abode

This company was started by two busy mamas, hails from the Fraser Valley, and includes a kid line! Products include shampoos, soaps, scrubs, creams, soy candles, linen and room sprays, and more. Each product is chemical-free, and scented with only mild, natural, pure essential oils.

Visit Twine Abode for more details.

 cosmetics to glow

Affera Cosmetics

Made in Burnaby, this fantastic company makes 100% mineral makeup that is vegan and chemical-free. They have a full line of skincare products and makeup, ladies! Their skincare line is made with raw, natural ingredients and is completely free of preservatives, while their make-up includes products like lightweight foundations that contain a natural sun-block. (That same foundation line also contains anti-inflammatory/healing properties that helps to reduce redness and heals acne by gently killing and removing bacteria, while simultaneously letting your gorgeous skin breathe.)

Visit Affera Cosmetics for more information.

HAUT Cosmetics


This incredibly diverse makeup line is freshly produced in BC. “Free” is what they preach, and insist on all of their products being titanium dioxide, hormone disruptor, irritant, preservative, gluten, fragrance, GMO, and mica-free.

You have to love this dedication to quality, right?!

They also have an awesome blog that is uber-informative, which you can check out HERE. To find out more about this line of clean makeup and the inspiration behind it, visit Haut Cosmetics for more info.