Go Farm to Table in Vancouver

The concept is simple: know where your food comes from.

Knowing where your food originates helps to support local farmers who practice clean, sustainable, and humane farming methods. It also increases the likelihood of a healthier meal, because when food is locally sourced, it’s typically less likely to contain weird ingredients, like preservatives, and additives.

Vancouver is a prime location for a large selection of restaurants that can boast their farm to table ideals. With more restaurants per resident than any other city in Canada, the assortment of eateries in Vancouver that place emphasis on fresh, sustainable, healthy food is pretty impressive.

Here is an inexhaustive list of seven restaurants worth checking out, if you’re interested in farm to table:

Fable Restaurant

Everything here is locally sourced, from the fresh and wild BC salmon to the Yarrow duck. The restaurant only uses farm fresh eggs, and locally grown and in-season produce. Cooking from scratch and food culture are two things that chef/owner Trevor Bird tries to emphasize every day.

Located on West 4th Avenue and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Fable is definitely an amazing place to go to receive a delicious and healthy meal for those who are food conscious.

Graze Vegetarian

Everyone’s heard me say it: I love to graze here. Located on Fraser Street, Graze is an experience for the senses. The restaurant itself is unassuming, and the meals that are prepared here are incredible. I strongly suggest you make a reservation, then enjoy the vegetarian and vegan fare that come your way as a result.

Blue Water Café and Raw Bar

This award-winning restaurant is committed to sourcing sustainable seafood, and that’s what makes this venue interesting and worth visiting. Located in Yaletown, Blue Water Cafe is a favourite of many, and there’s even a cookbook to prove its food is delicious.

Farmer’s Apprentice

Farmer's Apprentice

Located on West 6th Ave, Farmer’s Apprentice is a little slice of heaven. Serving brunch and dinner and boasting a predominantly French wine list, this small venue produces some amazingly fresh eats.


This one’s not for vegetarian folk.

Operating in Gastown, Wildebeest is the place to go if you believe that every part of an animal should be consumed; no parts wasted. As the winner of the 2013 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards for Best New Restaurant  and Best New Design, Wildebeest defines itself as producing “meat-centric, off-cut farmhouse fare simply prepared with immaculate ingredients and thoughtful creativity.”

This brave and bold restaurant is located on West Hastings.


Boasting zero waste efforts and minimal energy consumption, this Vancouver restaurant has actually partnered up with BC Hydro and Live Smart BC! Forage is the winner of Diner’s Choice 2015, and offers breakfast, brunch, and dinner. The menus change with the seasons, and every ingredient is homemade and carefully and mindfully sourced. This Vancouver digs is definitely one to check out.

The Acorn

Located on Main Street, The Acorn is a stylish eatery featuring lovely fare with signature cocktails and local craft beer and wine. Vegetarian, vegan, raw, and gluten-free options are all plentiful here. Praised by the New York Times and Huffington Post as being an incredible vegetarian restaurant, this is one farm to table not to pass by.

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