Good News! (You like wine, right?)

2015 is shaping up to be a fabulous year for wine-lovers, and it’s not because of some awesome Wino Tax Break. (Only in our dreams, right?!) This is the year of the grape, we’re excited, and you should be, too!

Studies have shown that greater amounts of wine will result in an influx of happier people.

Ok, we can’t actual cite any of those studies, but wine obviously makes people intoxicated, and tipsy people are usually pretty happy, so that’s basically the same thing. And we could always fall back on the wise words of famous British bacteriologist Alexander Fleming:

“Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy.”

Good enough for us!

Anyway, four new BC wineries have popped their proverbial corks this year, and we have the low-down for you:

Singletree Winery

Location: Abbotsford

  • Opened in May

Singletree Winery currently offers three brand-new wines: two white wines with grapes sourced from their vineyard in the valley (a Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc blend), and a red Pinot Noir produced from grapes native to the Okanagan. Additional blends and varietals will be offered as the vines continue to grow and mature.

Singletree has plans to release a meritage blend as well as a sparkling wine, and when their Grüner Veltliner grapes come into maturity, they will add them to their white lineup.

In other words, get ready…

Blue Grouse Estate Winery

Location: Cowichan Valley

  • Opened May 23

Although the winery’s vines were planted almost 40 years ago by former Ministry of Agriculture, John Harper, this brand-new, family-owned, sustainably-farmed and award-winning winery is one of the very first wineries of Vancouver Island.

Come visit the Blue Grouse Estate Winery to sample the winery’s award-winning portfolio of wines, have yourself a picnic, or create family adventures. The winery is extremely family-friendly and community-oriented, and offers much more to do than your typical facility.

“Blue Grouse Estate Winery was built with many sustainable elements including locally-sourced construction materials, the use of geothermal energy, onsite water collection and treatment, as well as other features that reduce mechanical heating and cooling.”


Evolve Cellars

Location: Summerland

  • Opened May 16

Evolve Cellars is the newest project from the Encore Vineyards group of wineries, which is also home to TIME Estate Winery (see below) and the McWatters Collection. Christa-Lee McWatters Bond and Harry McWatters’ goal is to create wines that can be enjoyed by everyone, and the first vintages from this very new winery have just been introduced.

The creative group behind Evolve Cellars operates on the belief that the Okanagan Valley produces some of the best wines in the world, and the writer of this particular blog feels that she can personally attest to this.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the Evolve label next time you’re cruising the VQA section at your local funhouse. (Ahem—liquor store.)

TIME Estate Winery

Location: Summerland

TIME Estate Winery is scheduled to open its doors later this summer, and is another project of Harry McWatters (see above).

Four short years ago, the winery obtained its license, and, using the existing building on the vineyard, produced its first vintage of Meritage and Chardonnay. Architect Nick Bevanda of CEI Architecture was subsequently chosen to design the future winery.

“The working model of the winery includes production capacity in excess of 30,000 cases, an extensive hospitality centre (including a commercial kitchen), four luxury guest suites and a lap pool, all with stunning Valley and Lake Osoyoos views.”

Capturing the spirit of the site and creating a design that is both beautiful and practical, TIME promises to be a superb destination for west coast wine lovers. When completed, the winery will boast primarily Bordeaux-style premium wines, created from the estate’s own vines.

So drink, drink, and be crazy! (That’s the saying, right?)


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