Hiring a Social Media Manager: 4 Things to Consider

More and more businesses are realizing that social media should be part of their marketing plan. After all, the platform is free, and the reach is huge. Social media involvement gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their brand in a fun, engaging, community-oriented way, and the most convenient way for most businesses to effectively participate digitally, is to hire a social media manger.

When searching for the right business to help yours with social, it’s valuable to assess what you want, need, and expect in social media management.

Here are 4 things to consider when hiring a social media manager:

What Are Your Expectations?

This is the number one question that you need to consider. We’ve had many clients assume that when hiring us, we’ll be able to take their Facebook like count from 25-2500 within a month.

That’s not realistic.

Social media is not about increasing your likes; it’s about building a community of people that support your brand. Likes come along the way organically, but the most important thing to focus on, is engagement and community support—this is what translates into sales, not likes.

So be sure to discuss your expectations with whomever will be handling your socials; it will keep everyone on track, and focused on the reason you’re building on online presence in the first place—to ultimately increase brand recognition and sales.

Is the Company You’re Interviewing Relevant on Social?

If you’re thinking about hiring a social media manager that doesn’t have an online presence herself, that should be a red flag. How do you know that the person you’re hiring is good at their job, unless you can see examples?

When interviewing a social media manager, be sure to ask for references, and check out the digital profiles of their past and current clients. How often do they post? Are their posts relevant to their clients’ businesses? How creative are they?

These are questions that you need to find out the answers to.

What’s Your Budget?

Budget is super important to nail down, because your social media campaign can be small or very large—inflating the cost of one’s campaign can be very easy, and as a business owner, only YOU know what your business can feasibly afford.

Just make sure you and your social media manager have a clear idea about what you’re willing to spend. Facebook ads work very well, but they’re also expensive. It’s all about putting your hard-earned cash to work for you in the most effective way possible.

Do You Like Who You’re Interviewing?

Since hiring a social media manager means putting your business—an entity you’ve worked very hard to build—in someone else’s hands, you should make sure you have similar values and that you genuinely like who you’ll be working with.

This person and their company will be representing your brand online, and the right fit is crucial. If you’re committing to a relationship that will span months or years, you may as well make sure you enjoy communicating with whomever you hire.


We hope this article helps, and if you want to know more about why your business needs to take advantage of social media, see the video below. Have a great week, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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