Life is Good: get inspired in 10 short videos

Because it’s sunny and beautiful and we live in a gorgeous city…

I don’t know about you, but when the sun is shining, I become happier and feel much more motivated to live healthfully. Because I’m the type of person to quickly become inspired by others, I’m guessing you might be, too! If you have 15 minutes this week, whether it be on your lunch break, or after dinner tonight, please watch at least one of the following videos. Find one that speaks to you and give it your full attention. Sometimes all we need is something small to want to change or improve upon ourselves, and these videos might assist you through your week and help you kick off a fantastic, sunny, Mother’s Day weekend.

The videos below touch on topics that include meditation, the importance of movement, how to find out if you have a toxic relationship with technology, self-care, the importance of germs, being your own best advocate when it comes to your health, how to believe in yourself, the importance of community, western medicine, and the dangers of sugar.

Do it!

Here is my top 10 video compilation for getting you motivated and healthy (thanks to MindBodyGreen), so you can enjoy this summer to the furthest extent possible. Get both fresh and fit–watch and learn, Vancouver!