Sense Spa at Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Sense Spa at Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver is one of the most luxurious spas I’ve ever been to.


With extremely talented, educated, and experienced staff, your spa experience here is guaranteed to be nonpareil. My Sense Spa virginity was taken from me last fall, and I have to say, it was way better than when I lost my actual virginity.

Too visual?

After an already incredible belated anniversary weekend planned by my husband, he completely surprised me with a full-body massage at Sense. The Rosewood Hotel Georgia is immaculately impressive and undeniably gorgeous in its own right, so I wasn’t surprised at the luxury of their in-house spa. But I was completely blown away by their highly trained staff!

Before my treatment, I sat down with the therapist assigned to me, and she completely went over my medical history, likes, dislikes, and more. She asked how I was sleeping, and whether or not I ever experienced insomnia. She had a background in reflexology and kinesiology, and so was extremely knowledgeable about referred pain and muscle spasms I sometimes experience because of my profession. (I know—writer’s problems, right?)

The point is this: there are beautiful spas, and knowledgeable staff, but to receive the gift of both at one location is unusual, and most welcoming. The exclusivity that Sense Spa offers because of this unique combination is, in own opinion, what makes this spa (and associated hotel) elite.

Located on West Georgia, across from the Vancouver Art Gallery, this establishment is unlike any other. After your treatment, while you’re still too relaxed to think, head down to Hawksworth Restaurant, located just off the lobby, for an equally stunning meal.

Please visit HERE for more details on what this establishment can offer you, and please feel free to leave your comments regarding your own experience(s) at Sense Spa below.