Real Men Drink…Green Juice?

5 years ago, green juice was still a mystery drink, and something only hardcore health nuts drank. Today, there are more juice bars than ever in Vancouver, and you don’t have to be a vegan hippie to line up and place your order. Although more women than men were initially drawn to the idea of liquid kale, more guys than ever before are becoming addicted to this super juice, which typically boasts more vitamins and antioxidants that one commonly receives in a whole day’s worth of food!

Would you ever wake up, go for a run, and then shove a cucumber, some raw broccoli, maybe a little swiss chard or kale, parsley, a few apples, and a chunk of ginger down your throat for breakfast?


But you can get the benefit of all of those veggies in a 16-oz. cup from one of the uber-convenient juice bars listed below. No more crazy, chalky whey protein shakes, or high-calorie cardboard power bars. Believe me when I say that green is the new black, and even the most macho of men are jumping at the current health phenomenon that is green juice.


Fresh Pressed Juice


JUST JUICE, located at 1107 Davie Street. Some juice bars like to add sweeteners and filler to their juices, but not this place. They’re also on a mission to use as much local produce as possible, so you can feel good about knowing that your juice came from plants that grew in the same area you purchased it.


AQUA, SUSHI, AND JUICE BAR, located at 1764 Manitoba Street. Not only do they create incredible fresh-pressed juices, this establishment also carries super healthy snacks, such as brown rice sushi and vegetable wraps.


KROKODILE PEAR, located at 1867 West 1st in Kits, and 518 Davie Street in Yaletown. Offering over 2 dozen original juice blends, this place also delivers! Placing an emphasis on juice cleansing for increased health and stamina, Krokodile Pear is a one-stop shop for juicing pros.


BUDDHA-FULL, located at 106 West 1st in North Vancouver. Having opened in 2010, this vegan-happy café and juice bar serves up a pretty mean lunch menu, too. All of their ingredients are certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free.


So there you have it—no excuses. Whether you’re downtown, or over the bridge, there’s a juice bar close by. Go get your green juice on!