Tips for Holiday Marketing Events

Happy holidays! Can you believe the 2017 holiday marketing season has already commenced?

Isn’t it April?!

As we approach mid-November, we begin to see a huge influx in holiday events. These events range from small private gatherings, to huge week-long sales—like Black Friday! Depending on your business, you may want to consider doing something to attract new customers, while also showing your genuine appreciation for your current ones.

Here are 4 ways to enhance your holiday marketing ideas:

Count it Down

People love a good countdown, and a ‘Countdown ‘til December’ would be a great idea to start the holiday sales tally.

Offer professional and beautiful pics on new items or holiday-dressed items or sales items on Instagram or Facebook (or both!) every day from Nov. 20-30. These dates coincide with Black Friday, which always generates a TON of sales.

By offering something for your customers during this time, you’ll cash in on the peeps looking for deals and pretty things to buy as Christmas gifts.

Give Your Loyals Some Love

Exclusivity gets people excited, so get exclusive! Take your mailing list, and create a special invite for your regulars to attend a semi-private two hours or so in your shop. Offer tea (or even wine, if it’s in the budget and you can get a liquor license), and showcase your newest holiday products for them.

If you can do this as a ‘Preview Party’ for new merchandise, your regs will leave feeling special, and hopefully will have spent a little dough.

Pop it Up

AKA: collaborate with your community. A traditional pop-up shop would take place in an empty retail space that you occupy for a matter of weeks. But what about having a like-minded retail space host you, instead?

This is a smaller, simpler version of what many retail businesses typically do, but it means little to no overhead, and can be somewhat impulsive. Here’s how to execute:

  • Find a like-minded business that compliments yours, but sells different products. Make sure this business is BUSY during the holidays and active on social media.
  • Negotiate what kind of space you’ll get, how many square feet, and for how long (typically a day to a week). Also consider what kind of incentive you’re providing your host with for, well, hosting you! Will it be a percentage of sales, or will you bring this other business more sales for simply being there? Be realistic.
  • Pick a date for the pop-up shop that is at least two weeks away, but preferably 3-4 weeks down the road.
  • Collaborate with said host to create a fun, impulsive, exciting social media strategy that includes a countdown to the event–and BOTH be active on social about it. Sharing platforms is what makes these collabs work well!
  • On the day of the holiday marketing event, be loud about it. Have balloons outside the store front. Live tweet all day. Play loud music. Serve holiday popcorn. Whatever you need to do to get people excited, do it.

Host a Friendly Fire Sale

(Promoted exclusively on social media, of course.) Begin with letting your customers know that something big is coming, and that they should pay attention to your biz’s socials for the next few days. Then, maybe do a “12 days of Christmas” thing, with every day offering a different type of sale on a different item.

The key to this is to make the sales GOOD.

For example, 2-for-1 sales; 50% off sales, buy 2 get 1 free sales. And offer these sales on specific merchandise, not everything. So if you’re selling kind beauty products, you can offer 50% of bar soap on one day, then buy 2 get 1 mascara free another day.

That kind of thing.

Promote this on social, on your biggest platform (usually Instagram or Facebook for most), and make the associated creative beautiful and visually appealing. You can make it even better by offering a basket of free goods to whoever shares your posts the most during the 12 days.

Hopefully some of these ideas will get you excited, and you’ll still have time to organize and execute before Christmas! Fun fact: according to Real Simple, some of the biggest sales days of the year is December 21-24.

You have time!

Get on it, and good luck. If you need help promoting your business this holiday season, let us know and we can help; Fresh + Fit creates custom holiday campaigns and social media strategies that will knock your socks off and whip merch out your doors in a flash—ask us how.


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Fashion Events, Vancouver-Style

With the warmer weather setting in, our boots and coats have gone to live in storage for a few months, and our sights are set on summer wardrobe finds. Breaking out last year’s summer style is fun, but paying attention to what’s new and improved this year is even better.

If you’re feeling like you’d like to be on your toes when it comes to fashion in Vancouver, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a buyer or a trend-setting fashion lover, we’ve got your back; check out the following events that just might inspire your new summer look(s)—there’s something for everyone:

Vancouver Fashion Week: Sept. 22-28 2015

Yep—we’re bringing out the big guns. For over 20 years, Vancouver Fashion Week has been a much-loved and looked-forward-to event. Striving to deliver a stylish experience that celebrates both multiculturalism and diversity, VFW beckons Canadian and International designers from all over the globe. VFW is definitely the West Coast’s most prestigious industry event, internationally acclaimed and recognized as a perfect platform for both new and seasoned designers, as well as sponsors.

“Past participants have included designers such as Versace, Parasuco, Roca Wear, Ecko, Anna Sui, Lauren Sui, Lauren Vidal, Turnover, Paul Hardy, Kersh and up-and-comers such as Frost Sportiva. VFW continues to build its international presence through global media coverage and proves excellent exposure for supporting partners.”

If you love fashion, you’ll want to be here. For a chance to win entry to the event, text VFW to 778-800-1388. Visit for more details.

Good luck, and check out the video below if you feel the need to ramp up your excitement. (As if…)

FX Fashion Exchange Vancouver, 2 Dates

Better + Designer Men’s and Ladies Wear August 5-9, 2015

Moderate Ladies Wears + Jeans/Street Wear Sept. 17-14, 2015

Taking place just outside of downtown Vancouver, the FX Fashion Exchange boasts a huge venue, and hosts more than 700 of the most current brands and looks. With a massive selection of show-stopping merchandise, easy access, and a fabulous facility, it’s no surprise that the FX Fashion Exchange is fast becoming the “it” fashion marketplace.

Show themes are specifically designed to help you focus your buying trip on what your customers really want, as well as help you discover the newest, most exciting and emerging trends.

If you’re a buyer, you need to check it out. But don’t limit yourself while you work—have fun while you do your job! Vancouver is its own unique playground, and subsequently offers an incredible variety of gorgeous restaurants, theaters, retail shopping, and interesting night-life–you won’t be bored!

Come check us out! Visit for more details.


Spring Yaletown Fashion Show featuring Blushing Boutique

This event is tonight! May 13, 2015

Taking place at 7pm at the Rosedale Hotel on Robson, this event is a Fundraising Fashion Show presented by the Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown. This year, the event is featuring Shelley Klassen of Vancouver’s own Blushing Boutique! Come check out an evening of fashion and fun and help support a variety of community projects. There will be canapés, a silent auction, door prizes, and (of course) a cash bar.

Tickets start at $35.00 each. Visit for more information.

Vancouver’s May Health and Wellness Guide

Looking for something to do next month in Vancouver? Don’t worry—we’ll hook you up! Get outside of your comfort zone and consider checking out some of these local grand openings, wellness workshops, and fairs. Here’s a ‘lil health and wellness guide for the month of May:

What: 2015 Health, Sports, and Lifestyle Expo at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre

When: April 30th – May 2nd

Why: Check out this premier event in Ayurvedic and Herbal industry. Visit for more information.

What: All Bodies Wellness Centre—grand opening

When: May 2nd 

Why: Show up and support a local health and wellness business! The address is 7846 Edmonds St. Burnaby. Visit for more information.

What: The Well-Rounded Tomato—workshop

When: May 10th from 1 – 2:30

Why: Learn everything you need to be a master tomato grower. Visit for more information, and to find out more about the Edible Garden Project.

What: The Vital Health and Wellness Fair

When: May 23rd

Why: In partnership with the Vancouver Thriving Community Foundation, the Vital Wellness Group is hosting this event to help support Vancouver’s healthy, happy, vibrant community. Explore self-care, mindful food choices, and your relationship to the community of Vancouver as part of your daily practice for personal health and well-being. Visit for more information.

What: Usana-U Wellness Vancouver 2015–workshops

When: May 30th from 10 – 4:30 in Richmond

Why: Learn some amazing information about how to achieve personal wellness from some incredible guest speakers, including:

Brian Dixon: Executive Director of Health and Science Education

Heather Tick: Expert in functional medicine

Fiona Yao Yu: Expert in microbial pharmaceuticals and supplement quality control

Adrian and Vincent Chan: Your financial health checkup

Rena Nong Ren: Building healthy teams

Vivian Lee: Achieve optimal health with time and financial freedom

Visit for more  information.