The Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in Vancouver?

Hotels are generally thought of as being far from environmentally friendly. Imagining the sheer volume of water used to clean laundry, and the mass quantity of wasted food is often enough to dissuade “eco-maniacs” from staying anywhere even close to a huge Vancouver hotel. But guess which one is surprisingly stepping up and improving its carbon footprint one bee hive at a time?

The Fairmont Waterfront.

Here are 5 ways in which the hotel is making the effort to quickly become our city’s leading hospitality establishment in environmentally friendly practices:

One. I wasn’t joking about the bees—the third floor terrace is home to over half a million honeybees, who occupy a total of 6 hives. The hotel’s “Bee Butler,” Michael King, will happily host your party in the summer months and show all your friends that his outdoor patio is possibly the most buzzed about space downtown.

Two. If you drive an electric vehicle, you’ll be pleased to know that this Vancouver hotel was the first to implement electric charging stations in its underground lot. Not only that, these spaces are complimentary, in an incentive to the public to green up their rides.

Fairmont Rooftop Garden

Three. There is a 2100 square foot rooftop garden located at The Fairmont Waterfront. Who knew?! It contains vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers, and edible blossoms that guests can enjoy at ARC, the hotel’s very own urban artisanal restaurant.

Four. Planning an event? The hotel’s event planners are skilled in waste reduction and minimizing your meeting’s ecological footprint. You can arrange to receive local and organic menus, including eco-wise seafood options, eco-friendly rooms, disposable-free service, and you can even have leftover food donated to a local charity.

Five. The establishment is currently awaiting zero-waste certification. Zero. Through recycling, reusing, and re-purposing, the hotel was on pace to increase its waste diversion to up to 90% by the end of 2014.

We’re impressed—are you? Let us know!