The Skinny on NEU Skin Botanicals

To say that it’s impossible to avoid chemicals in our skincare today is an understatement. There are an incredible amount of toxins that make David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen list that live in our beauty products, despite the growing protests of Vancouver’s cosmetic consumers. Even products that are marketed as safe and natural, are rarely genuinely so.

So what’s a girl (or guy) to do?

This time last year, I attended a Crafty Affaire function in the Fraser Valley, and one of the vendors was selling chemical-free bath products. Now, I’m pretty skeptical when I see or hear this. In a fair amount of the writing I’ve done in my day, I’ve had to back health claims with peer-reviewed research into these types of products, and can you guess how many are actually chemical-free as they claim?

Yep—almost zero.

But like any girl who does the due-diligence on her fave skin care products, I scanned the ingredients label, and spoke extensively to the owner of the company to find out what her version of “chemical-free” really means.

Turns out, it means 100% free of any chemicals. I know—crazy, right?

NEU Skin

Here’s the low-down: NEU Skin Botanicals is a luxury skin care line of products that are organic, environmentally friendly, plant-based, and unprocessed. They are handcrafted, and use 100% natural ingredients. Each product has unique healing and aromatherapy benefits, and they are never tested on animals.

There are no parabens, artificial colours, dyes, preservatives or fake fragrances. There’s no BPA in her containers; she uses glass jars and safe metals. In addition to also using reusable tins and recycled craft paper, this line encourages recycling by offering a discount on new product when used product containers are returned.

Product items include the following: luxury mineral body scrubs, detox bath salt soaks, moisturizing solid lotion bars, exfoliating shower scrub bars, bath bombs, whipped shea body butters, and botanical lip creams. Also, a men’s line and samplers are coming soon.

For more information, visit the line’s Facebook page at