VanCity’s Two Newest Vegan Food Products!

By Jennifer Browne

Vancouver’s amazing. It’s this beautiful, energetic, buzzing, talented city that steals your heart and never gives it back. Personally, I get particularly excited about food, so whenever a new, fabulous restaurant opens, or a locally-produced food product makes its way into my face, I’m happy and proud to live here.

And both of those things happened this week!

I visited new storefront in Yaletown and met Chris White, owner of Nice Vice Creamery, which is scheduled to open in late 2015/early 2016. I was also privileged enough to try the brand new, dairy-free Greek yogurt by Daiya Foods. (Which is seriously yum.)

Here’s the low-down:

Nice Vice

Nice Vice Creamery

Without giving away too much (you’ll need to attend the grand opening to see exactly what makes this creamery insanely cool), I will say that I have NEVER tasted non-dairy ice cream as good as this. Ever.

I’m addicted.

With incredible, edgy flavours like Buzz’d, Chocoholics Anonymous, and Tripped Out Tropical, I feel it’s fairly safe to say that this crazy (v)ice cream will rule the world. (Or Vancouver, anyway.) More to come on Nice Vice Creamery later; I promise.

Just…get hungry.

Daiya Foods

Greek Yogurt by Daiya Foods

Ok, so I’m not usually a giant fan of non-dairy yogurt. Although I’m a major proponent of non-dairy alternatives and eat about vegan about 80% of the time, I’ve never found a yogurt that I like that wasn’t real, 100% dairy.

I guess I’m a yogurt snob.

BUT: this week, Daiya sent me some Greek yogurt to try, along with a million other products that I’m super stoked about. I always use their cheese shreds, but I am now sitting pretty on a whole slew of vegan alternatives to cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.

I’m like a kid in a…health food store? Candy store doesn’t make sense. I don’t know. I’m happy.


This yogurt is so good, that I tweeted a picture of it immediately. Honestly. Check out my Twitter account. (@jennifer_browne) It’s creamy and thick and there is NO WAY anyone would know it wasn’t real Greek yogurt. In fact, my very picky children totally ate a bunch of it and I was so sad to see it go. I was pretty sure I had it locked down. Thinking about it actually makes me feel a little pouty.

Anyway, keep your eyes and ears open for buzz about these two, new, local yummy things. There will definitely be more here on the grand opening for Nice Vice Creamery in the near future, and we won’t be the only ones talking about it.

Trust me.

Happy Weekend, Vancouver!