Vancouver’s 9th Annual Spot Prawn Festival!

If you love sustainable crustaceans, check this out! Vancouver’s 2015 Spot Prawn Festival will be taking place on Sunday, May 17th at Fisherman’s Wharf (1505 West 1st Ave).

Ummm…What’s a Spot Prawn?

spot prawn

Time for some prawn education! Wild BC spot prawns have a delicate flavour, and are sweet and firm. They have two defining features: white spots on their tail, and white horizontal lines on their carapace. Spot prawn season begins mid-May, and only lasts for about 6-8 weeks, so get excited, Vancouver!

Super Fun Fact (in this writer’s opinion): Prawns are hermaphrodites! For their first two years they are male, and for the second two years they switch to female.

Facts Part Two

  • BC’s spot prawns are incredibly popular in Japan and other Asian countries, with the vast majority of BC’s commercial catch consumed there.
  • The methods that fisherman use to catch spot prawns have minimal impact on other ocean habitat, and very low levels of by-catch (accidental harvesting) of other species.
  • Each year, approximately 2,400 metric tonnes of spot prawns are caught off the coast of BC.

Why are Spot Prawns Considered a Sustainable Catch?

  • Females with eggs are returned live to the ocean
  • The number of traps that can be used is limited
  • The number of vessels that can commercially harvest spot prawns is also limited
  • Spot prawn stocks are carefully and sustainably managed
  • Spot prawn populations are monitored closely: when prawn stocks approach a predetermined level, fisheries close

Craft Beer Festival

More Activities

This festival isn’t just about prawns—it’s about community. Bring your family and friends, and enjoy a wide variety of stuff for all ages. There will be face painting, live music, and other goodies. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love the cooking demonstrations put on by top Vancouver chefs, and craft beer and wine offerings from local breweries and vineyards.

Get Your Tickets, Fast

The Chef’s Table Society of British Columbia is serious about seafood, great drinks, and fun in the sun! Last year sold out, but this year, there are more tickets available. Visit the festival WEBSITE to purchase tickets, and learn more about BC spot prawns HERE. What’s included in your ticket? Each admission to the Spot Prawn Boil is $17.50 (plus tax) and includes:

  • A prepared meal that includes three delectable BC spot prawns
  • Access to the beer garden for free samples from our beer, wine, and coffee sponsors

See you next weekend!